UVC Mobile Tower Defense – A Very Exciting Review of an Amazing Strategy Game

At the point when you start the game, steadily foes begin strolling from one side of the guide to the next attempting to arrive at your base. Your structure gets harmed each time an adversaries enters it. At the point when 20 adversaries land in your base you have lost the fight and have fizzled has a preeminent officer of your base’ guard. As said you need to put various kinds of pinnacles in the playing field to ensure they don’t arrive at your base.

On account of this new Windows Mobile Tower Defense game from Color Stone Ltd you have an aggregate of 6 unique pinnacles that you can plant down to protect your base. All pinnacles have various perspectives and do an alternate kind of harm to the approaching adversaries. Despite the fact that it isn’t away from sort of harm the pinnacles do, So when you first beginning playing you need to sort of blend a piece and see what works best It’s somewhat of a disgrace since it very well may be very repetitive to locate the correct blend.

As you slaughter adversaries with your mobile UVC tower blend of pinnacles you acquire cash, with this money you can buy new pinnacles or update energizing ones. The pinnacles can be overhauled a sum of multiple times and when you do they get a bit more boss designs, consider greater firearms, more weapons, greater fire hurler and such things.


The game highlights 2 levels that you can play and the two of them carry distinctive sort of system to this windows versatile game. The game has 3 challenges simple, typical and hard, the proposed trouble is simple except if you are a pinnacle guard veteran. In the alternatives menu you can choose music/audio effects and there is a likelihood to see your high score. There is definitely not a genuine alternative to spare choice for this Windows Mobile game yet you can stop and resume your game later on. On the off chance that you choose to begin another game you can’t continue the game you played before that.

This pinnacle safeguard game is outstanding amongst other that you can discover to play on WVGA Windows Mobile gadgets. In the event that you have consistently delighted in Tower Defense games you should get it, all things considered as it stands the best Tower Defense game you can get for your telephone. There are easily overlooked details that aren’t immaculate about this game, similar to the missing spare choice and the indistinct pinnacle capacities. These easily overlooked details don’t cut the game down that much however and the game would get at any rate a 8 out of 10.

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