Relax and Unwind: A Detailed Guide to Local Parks in Parkland

Visiting a recreation center is a typical aspect of each individual’s amusement time. In Parkland, there are various nearby stops that give city-wide recreational exercises to all ages. The projects and the offices of these parks guarantee inhabitants that there could be cost-productive methods of recreation and holding without leaving the premises of the city.

6 Acre Wood Park

Situated at 6060 Hillsboro Blvd., 6 Acre Wood Park campground Lubbock TX brags of its quarter mile multi-circle trails. The path are ideal for biking purposes just as for nature journeying, comfortable strolls, and breeze running. Along the path, you will be blessed to receive signs educating you regarding the zones indigenous untamed life and greenery.

Barkland Dog Park

The Barkland Dog Park turned into the city’s first canine park when it opened on January 7, 2012. Off 9425 Ranch Road, this park possesses two sections of land and is intended to have separate zones for huge and little canines. There is likewise a canine washing station where pets can be cleaned and prepared subsequent to going through long periods of ground rolling and rehearsing their stunts. Different conveniences of the recreation center incorporate drinking fountains, secured structures, strolling trails, seats, and outdoor tables.

Secured Bridge Park

Since 2003, the little park known as Covered Bridge Park has been a significant site of amusement for Parkland occupants. Its primary highlights incorporate the strolling trail and the secured connect for which it is known for. The secured connect has an entrance trail to the close by 6 Acre Wood Park. This park is situated at 6031 Holmberg Road.

Doris Davis Forman Wildlife Preserve

Doris Davis Forman Wildlife Preserve is a remarkable park since it champions the conservation of untamed life in its premises. Albeit settled in the core of Parkland City, it oozes an unblemished normal region which is good for the flourishing of untamed life like flying creatures. Strolling along the 5′ wide and 900′ long passerby trail will hypnotize you with the perspective on pinewoods and different trees which consequently add to the breath of new and clean air you can appreciate. This 20-section of land site expects to urge the general population to retain the excellence of the earth and to let everybody partake in its safeguarding for the group of people yet to come. The recreation center is situated at 7300 Parkside Drive.

Equestrian Center at Temple Park

On 8350 Ranch Road, the Equestrian Center is found. It is frequented by horsemen who use the two pony rings and its open space for horseback ridings. Different comforts of the recreation center incorporate grill flame broils and structures.

John H. Quigley Park

Devoted in 1989 to John H. Quigley, this park is the pleased home of Parkland’s Little League’s T-Ball and Coach Pitch divisions. It additionally serves home to groups of banner football and soccer. The 5-section of land park prides itself of conveniences including baseball field, football field, structures, play area, and fields for t-ball and mentor throw. The recreation center is situated at 7901 Parkside Drive.

Freedom Park

Possessing the spot at 9200 Ranch Road, Liberty Park covers 7 sections of land of land which is changed over to turn into an ideal setting of fun and diversion. This nearby park has grill barbecues and structures where loved ones can use for end of the week holding. It has horse corrals, play area, and water play territory. Occupants can get the chance to have their occasions here.

Pine Trails Park


Conveying the notoriety of being the most famous Parkland City Park, the Pine Trails Park brags of a few comforts that help sports and other recreational exercises. Five multi-reason fields fill in as settings for sports exercises and projects like baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and football. There is likewise a manufactured turf field. The cutting edge play area has NEOS for youngsters while different conveniences incorporate four T-ball fields, b-ball courts, and enormous open spaces. There is where occasions can be facilitated. It has likewise a fishing dock and strolling trails where guests can draw nearer to nature. This nearby park is situated at 10555 Trails End.

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