Do the colors in the sampler always look the same on the wall?

This time we were approached by well-known customers who some time ago, among others, we chose colours for the walls in a three-story house. The main problem turned out to be the beautiful grey colour we chose.

The same colour on each wall had a different hue: the stairs are lovely and closer to what the NCS sampler shows (universal colour sampler, the marking of which can be used when buying paint from most manufacturers), but in the kitchen, it is clearly pink, and the living room in blue and in both rooms had nothing to do with the sampler …

Also, the owners of the house in Piaseczno: Asia and Lukash, took the topic of painting their house very seriously and made several samples, choosing the basics of paint from different companies – it turned out that each pattern on the same wall looks different. After doing the tests, they collided with a wall and stood still – they had no idea what to do next, how to deal with this problem … Their samples proved to be very valuable. Even though we have been working as an interior designer for so many years, I wasn’t expecting a difference in the same grey on different walls, with different daylight angles can be so great.

A person learns all his life …

Taking advantage of the owner’s willingness to go during a meeting at a nearby store for further samples, and based on previous experience, we chose another grey colour – which would replace the existing and other colours: for the fireplace, kitchen wall, 9-month room Veronica and bedroom, than Lukash returned from the store, we had time with Asia, the owner of the house, to discuss what furniture to buy for the whole house and how to arrange it.

After Lukasz returned and painted the fragments of the next wall, the new grey turned out to be even worse – that is, the shades danced unpredictably. Apparently, grey is very sensitive to changes in lighting and walls …

Finally, I advised the owners to leave the stairs with the originally chosen grey, which looked great there, but we limited it in the other rooms to broken white. In the kitchen, we were all so fascinated by the stained glass between the kitchen cabinets (label), the colour of broken, ground coffee with milk, that we moved away from grey in favour of two walls in that colour. We also changed the concept of decorating the vestibule on the ground floor, and for dessert, we admired the colours that were in my daughter’s bedroom and room.

We solve a variety of problems in meetings with our customers, but ALWAYS choose the colour of the walls – most often throughout the Apartment design.

The spatial imagination and extensive experience of our designers and interior designers help to convince customers in a variety of often bold colours to suit them.

In this case, we chose the colours of an older woman who, as she said, has been growing for 12 years! And in which, like most of our customers, the whole Apartment design was dominated by cream pudding …

The hall had white doors and white furniture, so we persuaded her to appear on the walls in the hall – pastel blue – against which the white doors and buildings began to look fresh and clean.

In the rest of the rooms, we tried to convince our exciting client not to be afraid to paint at least one wall in this room a different colour (usually darker) than the rest because it most interestingly distributes the room and gives a feeling of space.

Today, after colouring, we learned that the only colour that the customer “could not stand” was chocolate behind a cupboard in a niche:

– I think I still need to bake for this color … 🙂 – said Grandma

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